Are You Ready for Book Binding Services?

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I've been writing a book for nearly two years. I can go through it and make few, if any, changes. That means it satisfies me generally. And as O. Henry said, when you can write a story that satisfies you, that's really all that counts.

Although I have not read everything I feel I bought to, still have a couple of big novels to go and some middle sized ones too, maybe another six months of reading, which is really the way I judge how well my writing is going and How far I've come, I feel like I'm almost ready. But what then? Will I head to book binding services and say, here it is! Bind away! Will that be it? What will I write next?

That's the really scary part. Writing is not hard, it's simply time consuming and off-putting because many realize they do not want to write as badly as they originally thought. Others realize they can not or that they would rather make money instead of living the bohemian lifestyle for years on end. The publishing of your novel, or the continuing to write after you get rejection letter after rejection letter, that's the tough part.

So before you send in your book to book binding services, you may want to consider:

Is your book good? I ask myself this every day. While I may think it's good, it's important to have as many subjective opinions as possible. That involves people reading your work. And pros can usually tell after a paragraph. But they may be hard to find, especially to do it for free, so you may want to consider paying a copyeditor, who will probably want to chop a lot of what you've written, but hey, he may have a point.

Will people want to read your book? Will they want to translate it into fifty different languages? If it does not seem to have a market, it probably doesnt. But if you have a niche, and a lot of followers on Twitter and friends on Facebook, book binding services could be a good idea. This can give you a lot of exposure and you can probably sell many books online. Try visiting local bookstores and asking if they would not mind selling your book for a cut.

If you still feel, like me that you're ready, or quite near ready to head to book binding services, by all means go for it. I wish you luck. You'll need it, you poor, poor soul.