Building Rapport With Your Customer Base

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Building rapport with your customer and subscriber base can be quite the challenge especially if your business is new. However, there are many things that you can do to help in this area. For starters, be yourself. Being yourself is perhaps the best thing that you can do to help build rapport with other people. Trying to be something that you're not only going to hurt you and your business.

Another thing that you can do to help build rapport is to be totally transparent. Be willing to lend others a helping hand, and do not always expect money for favors granted. Too many marketers are only in the money-making mode, and when it comes to lending a helping hand, they have their hands out waiting for dollar bills to appear before they lend the help. That is not the way to run a business.

If you want to build solid relationships and rapport, then you will have to sacrifice the idea of ​​making money and lend a helping hand for free. Now this does not mean that you will not make any money in your business because by giving things away such as your assistance can help you to make boatloads of cash in the near future. Why? Well it all begins with trust.

You see, if you allow people to build up trust in you, then they're more likely to buy from you in the future. That is why you see so many Internet marketers just giving stuff away. They do that to gain your trust and to hopefully begin to build a long lasting business relationship with you. That is also why you see all these giveaway events popping up all over the place. It is because they actually work in helping marketers such as yourself to build a list and to begin building rapport with people.

The giveaway event is actually a business model that focuses upon a win win situation where you the marketer get the names and the email addresses of people, and the people who give you their names and their email addresses get some free gifts in return. This is the beginning of the entire relationship building process. You have to start somewhere, so why not a giveaway event.

It is after the individual has given you their name and their email address, and after they get their free product that the relationship building actually begins. This is where you get to introduce them to other products and services that you have, and it is also where you get to converse with them and give them more information about yourself and your business.

Now this does not mean that once after they give you their name and their email address, and after they have downloaded their free product that you get to pitch to them all of the time. Believe it or not, once you start sending them sales pitch after sales pitch, they'll leave and never come back. They will unsubscribe like your list is the plague and they will warn others. Once this starts to happen, your Internet reputation becomes severely tarnished and it will be very hard to repair. This is not what you want to have happen.

Therefore, you must focus upon building long lasting relationships based on giving stuff away, giving the individual great content that they can fear upon, and ever so often, let them know about a product that is for sale. If you mix good content and information with great products, then you will begin to build rapport with those on your list and they will stay with you and seek more information from you.

A good rule of thumb is to make sure that you also are in the right frame of mind when doing this. You do not want to be in a greedy mood. You want to remain focused on your visitors, customers and subscribers because these are the most important aspects of your business. Your list of customers are what will put the food on your table and generate you the desired income that you want.

If you have good rapport with them, then they will be with you through the long hall, even when times are rough. So while other businesses are struggling trying to make it in this bad economy, your business is sailing right along bringing you profits day in and day out without a hitch because you have built a good standing relationship with your customer base and they have done likewise.

Remember, this is a relationship based business because without relationships, you have no sales and no business to speak of. You need to build rapport and good solid relationships in order to keep the dollars flowing into your bank account, or PayPal account. That's the name of this game, and if you want to play, then you must play by the rules and do not bend them. Always treat your customers and subscribers like pure gold and they will do likewise in return. They will value you and your business so much that they will stick with you even through the roughest of times. That is what relationship building can do for you and your business. It can make your business withstand the roughest times while others are collapsing all around you.

So by meeting all your customer's and subscriber's needs, and going out of your way to assist them will definitely build a positive reputation for you online, and people will take notice.